Top 10 Web Hosting for 2018

New year, time to assess the results.

This was a busy year and we weren’t exactly resting; quite a load of work has been done since we started. So, if you are interested to learn which shared web hosting providers were the best in 2018, here is our top 10 list.

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If you want to see the full list of providers in 2018, check the table here.

Surprised, aren’t you? So were we, to some extent.

Here are the major insights:

  • Size doesn’t matter. As you can see, some top positions are taken by the companies with relatively small numbers of websites and Shared IPs. So much so, providers with the smallest number of websites had pretty good uptime results in 2018.
  • Surely, such large well-known providers as, Yahoo and 1and1 are closer to the top than others, however, none of so much promoted names are. Surprise, surprise
  • Both SiteGround and Yahoo have been on our top list for the most part of the past 6 months. So yeah, it’s fair to say that they are good and we can recommend them.
  • Same goes for smaller and less notable providers.

But what else can be concluded?

If you sort the table with regard to a certain parameter, you will see that some providers change their positions:

  • Right away, you can see that SiteGround had the largest number of Shared IPs.
  • Yahoos websites on shared IPs showed the fastest average response time. And it was also the largest provider in terms of the number of websites. And, it had the best average rating.
  • Speaking of smaller companies, it is unfathomable why domains were gradually leaving ServerPoint in 2018: it had practically faultless uptime, and even though its response time was in the average range, it was stable and reliable in 2018, for all we have to say. Still, we observed a very prominent decline in the number of websites, which is sad.
  • Other than that, Yahoo managed to host more than 380K domains on 21 Shared IPs and still not to fail. One point here for large companies that stick to their image!
  • Furthermore, some of the providers on our list weren’t faultless; yet, they were better than soooooo many more that stayed out of our list. Something to think of, huh-huh.
  • Finally,  while you can clearly see from the table that there was only one provider with 100% uptime, and it nevertheless failed to make it to the top Hrank position. The reason here is in the combination of factors taken into consideration in the process of provider evaluation: uptime is the major one, but there are also 24/7 support and site quality. And in case of this provider (as well as many in the list), the latter two affect the overall rating negatively.

More Detailed Provider Report for 2018

1. Yahoo  

Yahoo behaved perfectly in all aspects in 2018.

This is one of the few providers that only had two so-to-say downtime periods for the entire monitoring period (since June 2018); both times not more than 99.47%, and several even less significant downtime cases. The rest of the period the provider’s uptime was impeccable. 

Pretty much the same can be said about the response time. It is way better than many other providers on our list.

2. Names

Names occupies the 2d place on our top 2018 list.

Its uptime results were almost faultless (99.46% downtime case only once, and the rest of the period in the range of 99.932% – 100%).

We could say, we were impressed; especially, taking into account all the negative feedback we have seen on the Internet.

The provider’s response time was around 600ms – 700ms, normal, stable average.

So, we can recommend

3. 1and1

1and1 performance was really good in 2018: its uptime was 99.99% almost at all times since July 2018, and so was the response time from the websites on the Shared IPs.

The only period with some slight performance issues was June 2018, where the parameters got worse.

Nonetheless, in all the respects, we can characterize the provider as pretty stable and reliable; it also offers good value for money.

4. ServerPoint

ServerPoint occupies the 4th place on our list.

It is one of the companies with a small number of Shared IPs and websites.

And yet, we detected only 2 major downtime cases since June 2018, while the rest of the time their uptime was really good.

Their response time was average (around 700ms) but stable.

Their number of Shared IPs didn’t change from June to December 2018; however, they seemed to be decreasing the number of domains.

And still, we are eager to recommend them, despite this fact.

5. Siteground

So far, Siteground showed really good uptime and response time results.

As of December 2018 its rating was very good – 9.5.

The company performed stably for the most part, and never got lower than 99% uptime.

The same can be said about its response time (mostly 500ms – 600ms), which is much faster if compared to other providers.

The company has been increasing the number of both domains and shared IPs, which is a definitely good sign of user trust.

Good support is also among other factors contributing to the provider’s rating.

Judging by the performance chart, we can conclude that the company’s aspirations and claims about providing best web hosting services are not wholly without foundation.

6. DoHost

The provider proved itself well in the monitoring period after being checked many times according to the “more than 50 domains” rule.

7. 20i

We started monitoring 20i in November 2018, thus, we have less data on its account, however, what we see is very good.

The provider had almost impeccable uptime results; and even though we can’t rate it as the fastest in terms of response time, the provider’s Shared IPs never failed to respond for long.

The number of websites saw an increase (as of December 2018), so, customers seem to appreciate it, too.

We can definitely recommend it for a try.

8. Energizedit

You could saw this provider in and out of our top 10 list in 2018.

However, it never got much lower. It showed exemplary uptime and response time results (except for several cases of downtime) from June to December 2018.

No serious non-responsive issues were noted while monitoring the domains on Energizedit’s Shared IPs; the response time was in the range of 400-500ms.

The provider increased Shared IPs from 4 to 5, and also, increased the number of websites in 2018.

You can go and give Energizedit a try; especially, if shared hosting is what you are looking for. The provider’s services are not strictly speaking cheap, yet, this is the only hosting service they offer, and they seem to be doing it all right.

9. QTH

QTH has 9.1 Hrank rating with us for 2018. It is one of the providers we don’t know much about, which, nevertheless, hasn’t stopped it from making it into our top 10 list.

Its uptime was really good, though, not perfect or stable: there were several cases of downtime, not lower than 99.65%.

It had the average response time has been around 600ms. An interesting fact is that the provider had the same number of Shared IPs for the entire monitoring period, which is rare.

All in all, its performance in 2018 was better than the one of many others; and even though we have only this information to share, it is enough for us to recommend this provider.

10. Dot5Hosting

Dot5Hosting performed fairly well in 2018.

It appeared the 10th on our top 10 for 2018 list, which is not the best result, however, it is a way better than the rest of the providers managed to achieve.

Which makes this web hosting worth a try is the fact of having not flawless uptime and response time but quite good ones.

Now isn’t it great to see that there are plenty of other options to try under the sun? Definitely.

That’s why we are going to move on and see how it turns out in 2019. Stay tuned!