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Here is the list of BigWetFish.hosting shared IPs where domains experienced downtime for the previous 7 days. The statistics is presented for each day, with the number of shared IPs and their domains' downtime data.
Date Total Shared IPs Bad Shared IPs Total IPs Downtime Affected Sites
2020-07-11 - - - -
2020-07-10 - - - -
2020-07-09 - - - -
2020-07-08 - - - -
2020-07-07 - - - -
2020-07-06 - - - -
2020-07-05 - - - -
Last 6 Months Performance Values
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Month HRANK # in TOP Uptime, % Response, ms Sites, +(-) Shared IPs, +(-)
Jun 2020 N/A - N/A N/A - -
May 2020 N/A - N/A N/A - -
Apr 2020 N/A - N/A N/A - -
Mar 2020 N/A - N/A N/A - -
Feb 2020 N/A - N/A N/A - -
Jan 2020 N/A - N/A N/A - -
Performance by Years
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Year HRANK # in TOP Uptime, % Response, ms Sites, +(-) Shared IPs, +(-)
2018 4.4 137 97.146 794 +27 +1
2019 4.8 155 99.791 784 0 +1
2020 N/A - N/A N/A - -

BigWetFish.hosting Review

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BigWetFish.hosting Thumbnail


Business Name: BWF Hosting Ltd

Year of foundation: 2002

Location: Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland, UK

BBB Accreditation: No

Market Size: > 600 websites (#146 HRank list)

Growth Status: (by websites quantity): Increasing

BigWetFish.hosting is a UK registered company specializing in self- and fully managed hosting services. The company with such an intriguing name has been in the industry for many years.

Offers and Pricing

Shared Hosting Plans
Name Domains Disk Bandwidth Min Price Billing Term
Lite 5 20 Gb 200 Gb $4.46 24 Mo
Standart 15 40 Gb 500 Gb $10.91 24 Mo
Pro 20 100 Gb 1000 Gb $22.82 24 Mo

£4.49/month, £10.99/month, and £22.99/month are the monthly prices for 3 shared plans offered by the provider. They are available for a purchase monthly, and also for 1 and 2 years.

The table above demonstrates the prices for a 24-month period and in the US dollars.

The company also offers a variety of services, including multi-site hosting, WordPress hosting, and Weebly Site Builder.

As to the servers offered, the list of available options features self- or fully managed VPS, dedicated server hosting, and high availability clustered solutions.

Free reboots, migration from current hosts, CPanel license, powerful servers, and other advantages make BigWetFish, which is often abbreviated as BWF, a company which is capable of providing hosting services to any website regardless of whether it’s a personal page or a large site with large traffic.


Instant Technical Live Support: Yes

Bigwetfish.hosting support chat

The company takes pride in its fully certified support team that is available 24/7.

You can contact them by phone (sales number is available at the bottom). And existing customers can open a support ticket for sure.

We have found that their support live chat works fine, you can get some basic tech help via a live chat.

Report for 2018

  • 4.4 HRank and #137 are the results for BigWetFish.hosting in 2018.
  • Unfortunately, the provider’s uptime chart didn’t look bright in 2018. It stayed most of the time below the 99% line: mostly in the range of 95%-98%, and there was a case of 84% downtime in December. Very unstable it was.
  • Less instability on the response time chart, however, only average results: ~800ms.
  • Yet, by some interesting algorithm, the provider increased the number of domains at the end of the monitoring period (compared to the beginning numbers) even though the growth trend was not at all stable.
Last updated July 31, 2019
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