About Us

At HRANK.com we represent a software development company that has got tired of having to rely on biased and unrealistic reviews and subjective web hosting provider information.

We have decided to create a place where anyone can come and check real facts. We cannot boast being around for years; however, we do have something to say and we also think that many will find it worth hearing.

We combined both our experience and available tools and came up with this project – HRANK.com.

Its main goals are:

  • to provide objective evaluation of the existing web hosting companies;
  • to provide expert opinion and advice on the choice of a hosting provider and its best shared plan;
  • to be of use to both new (first-time) and mature domain owners (who contemplate a change of provider);
  • to provide useful hosting- and web-related content.

A reasonable question here is why we are so sure everyone should trust us. Here is why:

We Have Data

And this is not just a claim. We have gained access to .com, .net, .org and other major TLD registrars’ databases and can now monitor a fair share of all websites on the Internet.

We use more than 20 servers to collect technical information from more than 50 mln websites, which is then aggregated and brought for calculation according to a special formula. That’s how we determine hosting uptime and response time.

Yet it is not our experience that runs the show in our rating system; technical characteristics of hosting servers do – uptime and response time – and that’s exactly what we monitor to see the whole picture.

We Have Technology

And we monitor. Thoroughly and persistently and with devotion. Our software allows sending requests to all the domains in our database and bringing it to an average. Thus, we can form a very clear picture of any web hosting provider performance (regardless of the company’s size or the number of servers it operates on, 3 or 300, or 2000).

We do not draw our conclusions from the results that we get by being signed to web hosting providers (though, as we say, we have numerous projects hosted on most of them).

Rather, we provide an insight into overall performance in the past (since 2016 up to now) – and the statistics on any of the Shared IPs – uptime and response time – so that you can make up your own mind.

We only specialize in shared hosting sector, and our ratings as well as reviews both aim to be of assistance to those users who seek to know more about this exact segment of hosting services.

We are not related to any web hosting provider, nor do we promote any sponsored content. Our reviews and ratings are based on research and analysis, and we do our best to provide the most accurate advice with regard to a web hosting company’s uptime, response time, and price.

You are welcome to come and check – and make an informed decision.

You are also welcome to use the information we provide (including graphs and infographics) – however, make sure to make reference to the original source.

Our Team

Siarhei Kulich

Co-founder and CTO of HRank.com. Siarhei has more than 20 years experience in web developing and web hosting.
Connect: Website, LinkedIn

Victor Kluchenia

Co-founder and CEO of HRank.com. Victor is a marketing professional with more than 20 years expirience.

Connect: Website, LinkedIn

Dragana Brankovic

Web hosting content copywriter with more than 5 years experience in content creating.

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