What is Hrank?

Hrank is a tool to check webhosting provider performance history. It is also an evaluation mark we grant to all hosting companies we review. It ranges from 1 to 10 and is based on several factors, the major of which being uptime, response time and support.

How different are you?

As opposed to the majority of existing hosting review companies that base their decisions on uptime check option, we do not offer any software or online tool to monitor your personal website. We provide a service that allows checking the history of a hosting provider performance (uptime + response time) for the period of the previous 30 days.

Do you track all providers’ performance?

No, we monitor only SHARED HOSTING PROVIDERS. Which means, our list depicts only those providers, which has such service mentioned on their website.

What do you mean by “we monitor shared servers”?

Here it is. We can’t possibly know the inner structure of a provider. But we can make a logical guess based on the structure.

A server in our terminology is a cluster of domains with the particular IP (roughly speaking).

We know for sure what’s going on with all TLDs on the Internet (in the most popular zones e.g. .com, .net, .org and etc.). We check their IPs and nameservers; and we also know which provider they belong to. The information about the providers and the number of their domains is updated EVERY DAY.

Then we make a logical step is to correlate the domains – their IP and provider nameservers. We group the identical ones using our “>50 domains” rule; and this is how we come to the number of shared servers that you can see on a provider’s page.

What is “>50 domains” rule?

In our work we have had to apply “>50 domains” rule – we take only those servers that have >50 domains – as we believe that it allows us to cover the maximum number of webservers (which is about 98%) and also to provide the most reliable uptime charts you can find anywhere on the Internet at the moment.

How do you do the monitoring?

Our robot sends 288 requests to each server every 24 hours. Each interval between the visits is about 5 minutes. The requests are totally random, and they are also unique each time. If one domain on the server is unavailable, our robot sends the request to the next one, and so on. Each next domain is always selected at random.

After several unsuccessful attempts of our robot to access domains hosted on it (provided that the sites were active, say, half an hour ago), the decision about general unavailability of a server is made and is further on reflected on a provider’s chart with downtime.

Doesn’t your robot affect my website negatively by doing this?

Nope. Most servers host lots of websites, thus, we can’t strain them by checking one website (say, out of 500-1000) at a time. No harm meant and no harm done.

How long does your data get back to?

We are able to provide relevant and up-to-date uptime and response time information for every server. However, we take a 30-day interval to get an average uptime and response time figures, that we further use in the formation of providers ranks. Earlier data from 2016 can be accessed on each provider’s page.

How can you prove that your information is correct and trustworthy?

The uptime % that you can see on the provider page is the collective average of the entire webhosting performance based on the domain quantity per each server, which is calculated using the formula that we developed. The formula for uptime and response time is an average that depends on the number of domains on the server.

Our approach might not look vague to many, but this does not interfere with getting provider performance data pretty accurately. And we are doing our best to be objective.

How do you check support’s work?

We have got about 300 hosting providers in the list, and many of them we know “first-hand”. There have been plenty of personal experience with support, however, 24/7 tech support online availability is one of the crucial features that we take into consideration. We initiate direct contact and address them with various inquiries in regard to their services in general and specific problems in particular.

Is the data on the provider pages final?

No. The performance data is subject to change as we are still in the process of updating our system.

How often are providers’ ranks being updated?

The update takes place once every day. Uptime, response time, and Hrank of the providers are updated and you can trace the update on the charts.

Do I have to pay for using your service?

Nope. It’s free.