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Are Most Popular Web Hostings So Reliable?

The request for Most Popular Web Hostings revealed a number of names that tended to repeat from one review site to another. As a matter of fact, these providers for some reason or other got a lot more publicity than others, usually, thanks to clever promotional and marketing campaigns. Yet, as it turns out, some of them are not so good as they claim to be.

We analyzed 13 major review hosting websites, compared the results with our monitoring data for 2018 and finally drew up the list of 17 most popular web hostings recommended online with regard to how we ranked them (read: what is HRank).

Hosting Provider # in TOP HRANK Uptime Response
SiteGround #1 9.5 99.991 552
1and1 #7 9.0 99.981 458
WebHostingHub #15 8.6 99.978 896
GreenGeeks #29 8.3 99.970 791
HostMonster #35 8.1 99.967 800
FatCow #47 7.7 99.959 707
Bluehost #50 7.6 99.969 1110
iPage #51 7.2 99.960 1200
JustHost #69 6.5 99.949 1131
HostGator #87 5.5 99.925 1089
InMotionHosting #90 5.3 99.919 1145
Site5 #95 5.0 99.905 494
DreamHost #101 4.8 99.883 392
GoDaddy #120 4.5 99.917 1407
NameCheap #124 4.5 99.646 871
A2Hosting #135 4.3 99.738 951
HawkHost #139 4.2 99.758 1040

Notice: UPTIME makes 80% of our rating!

The same can not be referred to the review websites we analyzed. Most of them simply provide a compiled set of information, a short sum-up or a very detailed review, based on what was gathered on other resources, or they draw their conclusions on the basis of subjective hosting performance results (i.e. evaluate the performance of one (or several) particular domains via some popular website monitoring tool).

Only two providers from the third-party review websites appeared on our top 10: SiteGround (#1) and 1and1 (#7)!

WebHostingHub (#15), GreenGeeks (#29) and HostMonster (#35) are also in green zone (HRank 8.0 – 10.0). But in this green range we have 40 other hosting providers from the list.

Interestingly enough, most other popular providers in the review websites appeared somewhere in the range of 5.0 – 8.0 HRank, the result that speaks very eloquently about their actual performance.

Several popular providers broadly promoted on the Internet failed to score even 5.0 HRank and stayed lower than the 100th position. These are not just popular providers, they are really large hositng companies with lots of websites.

For example:

  • DreamHost (#101) is mentioned everywhere on various review sites and our robot can see that it hosts more than 80K websites;
  • GoDaddy (#120) is the largest of them, of course, with almost 4 millions sites.

Yet, we are constantly having trouble accessing their hosted websites, which eventually negatively affects the overall rating of the providers.

All in all, though many users and the aforementioned review websites might not agree with us in our approach to these comparisons, it has been provided as food for reflection and an alternative opinion.

However, we don’t aim to either promote or depreciate any hosting provider as it doesn’t have any affiliation to either of them; rather, we strive to provide website owners with another, more objective, angle to look at the providers’ performance. So, choose wisely.

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