For Providers

If you are a shared web hosting provider or a provider who offers shared web hosting among other services and you want to be on our list, read this information carefully.

Before applying read more about how we do it and What is Hrank here.

Our Requirements:

  • You are a shared web hosting provider – We monitor only SHARED WEB HOSTING PROVIDERS.
  • You have Shared IPs* that have more than 150 domains – We include only those Shared IP* that host 150 or more domains.
  • You won’t block our robot from fulfilling its monitoring function successfully** .
  • If the above terms are met successfully, we will need your NS to add you to our list.

* 1 Shared IP contains more than 150 websites – thus, the number of Shared IP you will see on the profile page is not the total number of servers that a provider actually has, but the ones that comply with our rule.

** We are not letting your website down via our monitoring tactics. Our bot sends 288 requests to each Shared IP every 24 hours. On average, it visits a Shared IP every 5 minutes. The requests are totally random, and they are also unique each time. Due to the fact that most Shared IP host large numbers of websites, we don’t strain them in the slightest by checking one website (say, out of 500-1000) at a time.

If you are willing to proceed, feel free to send your requests to [email protected].