Free Web Hosting Providers List (TOP 2023)

Check the list of web hosting providers in 2023 offering Free hosting.

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Free is something that most of us has already learned to avoid at all costs as most of the time everything free comes with some strings attached. However, a number of providers still go on offering this option among their plans for some reason or other.

Why Even Try It?

  • You have a small and simple website that does not require much maintenance or resources, or a short-lived one.
  • It’s perfect for a website that you have no further plans for developing into something serious.
  • Well, it can be good to have a look at the provider before you actually stick to it for money.

Keep in mind, however, that free hosting plans usually are deprived of the number of features that you will definitely benefit from if you use paid hosting. They are intrinsically restricted in the ways of both management and security. There will be limits everywhere (storage, domain quantity, bandwidth, etc.) and the possibility of getting a “nice” bonus in terms of added Banners & Ads.

Some of the web hosting providers listed on our website offer free hosting plan of a sort (see the list above).

We are unable to say for sure which server you’ll end up with, if you choose to try it for free, however we can have a look at how the aforementioned providers have performed in terms of uptime for the previous 30 days, so that you could have a better picture whether to take chances with them or not in the first place.

So, we basically have three leaders with the best uptime indicators:


If you have a look at their uptime charts on the provider pages, you can clearly see that they managed to stay more or less stable (99.99% – 100%) through the period with a rare case of downtime. They are also ranked 8.5 and higher, which makes them a fair choice (at least we hope so).

The next five providers perform slightly worse, with the average uptime ranging from 99.96% to 99.98% and more or less stable situation with some cases of downtime. Their rankings relate to their performance (5.8 – 7.4), however, those appear to be pretty low due to other factors as well.

  • is the last in our present list and it could have done better, we believe. With 5.8 rank, it has had very poor uptime for the previous monitoring period, 99.92% uptime, with frequent cases of downtime. With this in mind, it might not be idea to apply for its services at the moment, but rather to see how it will be doing in a while.

The list of providers that offer web hosting for free is much longer, indeed. Keep in mind that we have chosen to discuss only those providers that we are currently monitoring, while there are many others not listed on our pages.