Best WordPress Hosting Providers

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Many web hosting providers in 2023 offer WP hosting as a separate option among their services (aka Managed WordPress Hosting and etc.), and this brings a number of questions we would like to highlight here.

We have explained all the perks of shared hosting in our Shared Hosting 101 article. So, here we’d rather focus on whether you’ll be good with a simple shared hosting plan for your WordPress site, or you need WP hosting specifically in the first place.

However, if you just choose some regular shared plan, you will have to do everything yourself – from setting up to configuration, and while it is not that complicated, you’ll have to sweat a bit (especially, if you have little experience with WP).

That is why many providers offer WordPress hosting as a separate service – to simplify the entire process for the user and gain more profit for themselves.

For your convenience, we have compiled two checklists in regard to both regular shared hosting and WP hosting so that you could make an informed decision. And you can also see the list of providers (above) that offer WordPress hosting, should you decide to opt for it.

WordPress Hosting vs Sharing Hosting

WordPress Hosting

  • You have a WordPress site and very little knowledge how to run it – go for it.
  • Managed WordPress hosting is intrinsically based on regular web hosting; you just might have more chances to have fewer neighbors, which is a definite plus.
  • All WP optimization is on you; but you get all the perks to play installation and management of your WordPress site nice and easy.
  • You have a medium-sized site or online store and it’s the best option.
  • Here you can only host WordPress sites (in case you change your mind, you’ll have to get another hosting plan). Since you have only WordPress, it’s fine.
  • You might have better server architecture (customized specifically for WordPress), or you might not… But it’s a good chance.
  • Specialized WordPress customer support is also in the package, and you can definitely do with it.
  • Other special features: auto backups, auto wp updates, caching system and additional security features.
  • It is way more expensive, but that’s fine.
  • More limitations on the part of the provider, but who cares?

Shared Hosting

  • Is good to start with, if you plan your business to grow in the nearest future.
  • You are bound to have neighbors and share your hosting resources with them, and it doesn’t bother you at the moment.
  • Regular shared hosting leaves all the work to you – and you are fine with it.
  • Regular shared hosting can be used for any type of website (php, html, etc. – not just WordPress CMS ones) – and you have multiple websites.
  • It can cost really cheap (if you take some pains to search for a good option) – and you love cheap.


we would say that WordPress installation and running on a shared hosting it’s not a big deal, however, if you don’t want to get into details and are ready to pay more, above is the list of providers offering WordPress hosting to get your website live (in the descending order in regard to their performance and our rating). Feel free to read more about them on the review pages.