5.2 hRank
Uptime, 30 days
IPs Downtime, 30 days
~ 465h 55m
Response Time, 30 days
571 ms
Shared IPs, today
447 -1
Hosted Websites, today
161,233 +848
HostMonster Uptime, %
Last 30 days
3 months
All time
Response, ms
Last 30 days
3 months
All time
Shared IPs Sites
Last 30 days
3 months
All time
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Worst Shared IPs by Uptime
The domains from these shared IPs (5 random domains are being checked every 5 min from 1 IP) showed the worst uptime results for the period of the last 30 days.
Shared IP
uptime, % 87.989 88.243 88.307 88.952 89.042
response, ms 491 471 659 686 579
hosted sites 197 167 142 196 153
downtime ~ 3d 00h 03m ~ 2d 22h 32m ~ 2d 22h 09m ~ 2d 18h 17m ~ 2d 17h 44m
Bad Shared IPs Count By Date
Here is the list of shared IPs where domains experienced downtime for the previous 7 days. The statistics is presented for each day, with the number of shared IPs and their domains' downtime data.
Date Total Shared IPs Bad Shared IPs Total Downtime Affected Sites
2019-05-25 447 11 ~ 03h 05m 3125
2019-05-24 449 14 ~ 20h 10m 5381
2019-05-23 449 20 ~ 76h 35m 4061
2019-05-21 449 21 ~ 73h 40m 5069
2019-05-19 449 23 ~ 91h 10m 5901 Review Visit provider Thumbnail


Business Name: HostMonster

Year of foundation: 1996

Location: Orem, Utah, United States

BBB Accreditation: No

Market Size: > 150K websites (#12 HRank list)

Growth Status: (by websites quantity): Decreasing is an old-school hosting provider that has been working since 1996. Their website looks a bit dated but quite enjoyable. It does not contain unnecessary information and design. The first impression of the company is really good.

Offers and Pricing

Shared Hosting Plans
Name Domains Disk Bandwidth Min Price Billing Term
Basic 1 50 Gb Unlim $9.49 36 Mo
Plus 10 Unlim Unlim $12.49 36 Mo
Choice Plus Unlim Unlim Unlim $14.99 36 Mo

There are 3 shared plans currently on offer.

The prices start from $4.95 per month with special intro offer.

Payment terms are: 12, 24 and 36 months.

The cheapest plan is Basic with $9.49/mo for 36 months.

The most expensive is Choice Plus for $16.99/mo for 12 months.

Also HostMonster’s customers can benefit from trying:

  • VPS / Dedicated hosting,
  • a free domain,
  • a free/paid website builder (3d party/Weebly) and some more.


Instant Technical Live Support: Yes support chat

The company offers a variation of support options, phone numbers and emails, and a contact form.

Telephone support is available 24/7.

Also, there is a live chat that offers tech support as well.

If you believe the feedback of users, the company has stopped providing good service from 2017. Reportedly, earlier it was stable and well working but now there are problems with hosting and support. We can’t prove that.

Last 6 Months Performance Values

MonthHRANK# in TOPUptime, %Response, msSites, +(-)Shared IPs, +(-)
Apr 20198.81899.979627-5499-6
Mar 20198.72499.976633+11890
Feb 201991399.982639-1876-1
Jan 20199.31499.987629-2959-4
Dec 20189.31799.988606-7920
Nov 20189.11499.984624-4582-4

Report for 2018

HRANK# in TOPUptime, %Response, msSites, +(-)Shared IPs, +(-)
  • The provider got 8.5 HRank rating in 2018 and appeared on the 31st position.
  • In our experience, their performance was good, nothing to complain much about. As one can see on the uptime charts, there was only one clear downtime case (99.286%) since June 2018. Truth to be told, the performance can’t be called smooth; however, it was quite ok, never getting lower than 99%.
  • HostMonster’s response time from the domains in 2018 can also be characterized as good average (around 600ms), though in June 2018 it was much slower (though, the period was very short, luckily).
  • Though,  the number of Shared IPs didn’t change much since we started monitoring till December; however, the number of domains hosted on them decreased considerably (by 20,000 as of December 2018 compared to June 2018). Looks like some customers did leave unsatisfied.
Last updated April 2, 2019
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