8.3 /10 hRank
Uptime, 30 days
IPs Downtime, 30 days
~ 05m
Response Time, 30 days
543 ms
Shared IPs, today
1 0
Hosted Websites, today
1,539 -25
Uk-Cheapest Uptime, %
Last 30 days
3 months
All time
Response, ms
Last 30 days
3 months
All time
Shared IPs Sites
Last 30 days
3 months
All time
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Worst Shared IPs by Uptime
The domains from these shared IPs (5 random domains are being checked every 5 min from 1 IP) showed the worst uptime results for the period of the last 30 days.
Shared IP uptime, % response, ms hosted sites downtime 99.988 543 1539 ~ 05m
Bad Shared IPs Count By Date
Here is the list of shared IPs where domains experienced downtime for the previous 7 days. The statistics is presented for each day, with the number of shared IPs and their domains' downtime data.
Date Total Shared IPs Bad Shared IPs Total Downtime Affected Sites
2019-06-24 1 0 0 0
2019-06-23 1 0 0 0
2019-06-22 1 0 0 0
2019-06-21 1 0 0 0
2019-06-20 1 0 0 0
2019-06-19 1 0 0 0
2019-06-18 1 0 0 0 Review Visit provider Thumbnail


Business Name:

Year of foundation: 2000

Location: Finchley, London, UK

BBB Accreditation: No

Market Size: > 1.6K websites (#111 in HRank list)

Growth Status: (by websites quantity): Decreasing

The company was meant first as a dedicated server for website designers (founders) to be able to host their own sites. It later grew into “a self-managed, secure and high performing hosting service”. In 2002 the hosting service plus domain registration was officially launched.

Offers and Pricing

Shared Hosting Plans
Name Domains Disk Bandwidth Min Price Billing Term
Budget 3 5 Gb Unlim $2.2 36 Mo
Starter 5 10 Gb Unlim $4.37 36 Mo
Small Business 10 15 Gb Unlim $6.58 36 Mo
Unlimited Unlim Unlim Unlim $8.8 36 Mo

They offer a number of email hosting options and full web hosting plans. According to the company name, Uk-Cheapest proposes affordable and reasonable costs ensuring the high standards of security and performance.

Currently, there are 4 shared hosting plans on offer.

There are many payment options offered: plans can be purchased monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually, biannually and triennially.

The cheapest 36-month price choice can be seen in the table above. It is presented in US dollars, however, on the website all prices are in GBP (it’s a UK hosting company, after all.) Yet, a currency converter could be of use to international customers.


Instant Technical Live Support: Yes

The company has headquarters address, however, no phone number. support chat

They also encourage to visit their 24×7 Helpdesk and Live Chat, which we did. And it looks like they work all right.

We also didn’t expect to find so much negative feedback about Uk-Cheapest on the Internet. Yet, judging by its performance, the complaints might not be all irrelevant.

Last 6 Months Performance Values

MonthHRANK# in TOPUptime, %Response, msSites, +(-)Shared IPs, +(-)
May 20198.16799.984544-90
Apr 20198.914100534-390
Mar 20195.211999.928562-260
Feb 20198.34899.988553-50
Jan 20198.922100560-170
Dec 20188.36799.988551+150

Report for 2018

HRANK# in TOPUptime, %Response, msSites, +(-)Shared IPs, +(-)
  • made it only to #160 in 2018 with 3.7 HRank.
  • The major problem was 85.02% downtime in September that spoilt all the rest altogether good uptime chart in 2018.
  • The provider’s response time mostly stayed in the average range of 500ms – 600ms. Not the fastest and not the slowest of all.
  • In fact, they only had 1 Shared IP for the entire time, and the number of websites on it decreased in 2018.
Last updated March 14, 2019
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