3.3 /10 hRank
Uptime, 30 days
IPs Downtime, 30 days
~ 601h 35m
Response Time, 30 days
957 ms
Shared IPs, today
155 +1
Hosted Websites, today
54,402 -173
FastHosts Uptime, %
Last 30 days
3 months
All time
Response, ms
Last 30 days
3 months
All time
Shared IPs Sites
Last 30 days
3 months
All time
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Worst Shared IPs by Uptime
The domains from these shared IPs (5 random domains are being checked every 5 min from 1 IP) showed the worst uptime results for the period of the last 30 days.
Shared IP
uptime, % 27.279 98.785 99.087 99.353 99.526
response, ms 2569 1497 363 1160 1365
hosted sites 145 777 211 448 561
downtime ~ 21d 19h 35m ~ 08h 44m ~ 06h 34m ~ 04h 39m ~ 03h 24m
Bad Shared IPs Count By Date
Here is the list of shared IPs where domains experienced downtime for the previous 7 days. The statistics is presented for each day, with the number of shared IPs and their domains' downtime data.
Date Total Shared IPs Bad Shared IPs Total Downtime Affected Sites
2019-06-24 155 9 ~ 08h 15m 4486
2019-06-23 154 15 ~ 19h 45m 9209
2019-06-22 154 7 ~ 18h 25m 2653
2019-06-21 155 10 ~ 18h 10m 3963
2019-06-20 154 5 ~ 16h 50m 1832
2019-06-19 154 6 ~ 21h 00m 2185
2019-06-18 155 12 ~ 21h 20m 6413 Review Visit provider Thumbnail


Business Name: Fasthosts Internet Limited

Year of foundation: 1999

Location: Gloucester, UK

BBB Accreditation: No

Market Size: > 50K websites (#24 HRank list)

Growth Status: (by websites quantity): Decreasing

Created in 1999, the UK-based single source hosting service, claims to maintain over 1,4 million Internet domains and ensure secure arrival of over 2 million emails daily. The company provides the customers with the resources for full control and intuitive management of their online space. is known for delivering cutting-edge hosting, web and cloud services for an effective and productive experience using new-generation cloud platform.

Offers and Pricing

Shared Hosting Plans
Name Domains Disk Bandwidth Min Price Billing Term
Ignite 1 10 Gb Unlim $6.5 1 Mo
Momemtum 3 20 Gb Unlim $12.99 1 Mo
Ultimate 100 120 Gb Unlim $25.98 1 Mo

There are 3 shared plans on offer.

Prices for shared hosting plans start with £2.50/mo (promo) / £5.00/mo (renewal). Prices are in GBP only, which may not be very convenient for international customers.

However, prices above in the table are in US dollars, and they are the only payment option to choose from – monthly. Well, this is ok as far as we can say, no confusion or indecisiveness here: take it, or leave it.

Also, don’t forget “20% VAT” – if you turn this option on at the top of the main page, you’ll be able to see the full price, which is higher. Keep that in mind. also offers a variation of services:

  • WordPress hosting,
  • Decicated and cloud servers,
  • Domain registration and transfer,
  • 3d party website builder (powered by BaseKit),
  • Email services, to name a few.


Instant Technical Live Support: No

The provider offers a variation of support options, such as an email, phone (general and sales) and a support center.

No live chat has been detected on the pages of their website.

But they promise: “Less than 10% of our customers need to contact us about technical issues. That’s because our services are reliable and easy to use. But, if you do need help, rest assured we have experts on hand 24/7/365”, – let’s hope they are sincere here.

Last 6 Months Performance Values

MonthHRANK# in TOPUptime, %Response, msSites, +(-)Shared IPs, +(-)
May 20193.420199.884900+631+2
Apr 20193.917199.911918-15600
Mar 20195.511299.923941+292-3
Feb 20196.510199.9431000-270-2
Jan 20194.116299.891052-725+1
Dec 20184.317199.882967+12+1

Report for 2018

HRANK# in TOPUptime, %Response, msSites, +(-)Shared IPs, +(-)
  • However, the provider was not ranked highly in our chart for 2018 – 4.6 and appeared on the 118th position).
  • Its performance wasn’t bad but it wasn’t very impressive either since we started monitoring (June 2018) till December 2018, especially if you take the number of domains hosted into consideration. They had only one serious case of downtime in December (97.729%), other cases were not lower than 99.9%; yet, its general downtime chart can’t be called perfect.
  • Their response time was slower than the average, and some of the Shared IPs wasn’t responding for many hours (the data for the last 30 days, as of January 4, 2019).
  • They lost a number of domains and reduced the number of Shared IPs throughout the summer, however, since then and till December not much changed.
Last updated April 2, 2019
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