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Hrank experts opinion about Aplus
hrank expert is a hosting provider with quite a controversial reputation on the Net. Based in Shoreview, MN, it has a long history, which dates back to 1993, full of records of being purchased and sold. Nowadays its owner is Deluxe Corp. On their website, they claim to have 99.9% uptime, but reviewers say there are several strict clauses (such as the one stating that the claim applies to “critical” services only), so the uptime info looks suspicious. However, the most important thing that makes you want to research more is the abundance of negative reviews in which users report a lot of issues, such as SSL problems, “terrible customer service”, unreliable uptime, switching control panels often, and other issues.

The provider offers Linux-based low-cost hosting plans and services mostly for small businesses and individuals who want to build a website quite fast. That is why there is a comprehensive set of website-creation-related-services, including domains, hosting, website/store creator, and payment processing.

Last updated March 29, 2018
Bad Shared IPs Count By Date

Here is the list of shared IPs that experienced downtime for the previous 7 days. The statistics is presented for each day, with the number of shared IPs and their downtime data.

Date Shared IP Bad Shared IPs Total Downtime
2018-12-11 2 0 0
2018-12-10 2 0 0
2018-12-09 2 0 0
2018-12-08 2 0 0
2018-12-07 2 0 0
2018-12-06 2 0 0
2018-12-05 2 0 0
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