4.5 /10 hRank
Uptime, 30 days
IPs Downtime, 30 days
~ 370h 40m
Response Time, 30 days
612 ms
Shared IPs, today
6 0
Hosted Websites, today
519 +1
WebHost.uk.net Uptime, %
Last 30 days
3 months
All time
Response, ms
Last 30 days
3 months
All time
Shared IPs Sites
Last 30 days
3 months
All time
This provider is out of our top list. We can recommend you the best options.
Worst Shared IPs by Uptime
The domains from these shared IPs (5 random domains are being checked every 5 min from 1 IP) showed the worst uptime results for the period of the last 30 days.
Shared IP
uptime, % 49.354 99.296 99.965 99.965 99.965
response, ms 553 901 511 633 568
hosted sites 91 82 83 110 74
downtime ~ 15d 04h 39m ~ 05h 03m ~ 15m ~ 14m ~ 14m
Bad Shared IPs Count By Date
Here is the list of shared IPs where domains experienced downtime for the previous 7 days. The statistics is presented for each day, with the number of shared IPs and their domains' downtime data.
Date Total Shared IPs Bad Shared IPs Total Downtime Affected Sites
2019-06-24 6 1 ~ 13h 20m 91
2019-06-23 6 1 ~ 12h 10m 90
2019-06-22 6 1 ~ 06h 25m 91
2019-06-21 6 1 ~ 07h 15m 91
2019-06-20 6 1 ~ 12h 55m 92
2019-06-19 6 1 ~ 13h 00m 92
2019-06-18 6 4 ~ 19h 05m 357
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Business Name: WebHostUK Limited

Year of foundation: 2003

Location: London, UK

BBB Accreditation: No

Market Size: > 500 websites (#157 HRank list)

Growth Status: (by websites quantity): Decreasing

Webhost.uk.net is, as the name suggests, a British hosting company, headquartered in London. The provider greets us with a friendly and cheerful website design (which has been changed at least three times since the foundation.)

Being British, they have thoughtfully designed an American version of the website for their U.S. customers in 2011 – Webhost.us.com – with the “intention to offer web hosting on servers located in US datacenters”, which is a happy thought, indeed, as many users might find the process of currency conversion too tiresome… and, after all, the closer to home, the better, you know.

The company claims to be “Reliable UK WebHost” and so they seem to be.

Offers and Pricing

Shared Hosting Plans
Name Domains Disk Bandwidth Min Price Billing Term
Standart 1 1 Gb Unlim $1.32 36 Mo
Elite 5 5 Gb Unlim $2.64 36 Mo
Business Unlim 10 Gb Unlim $4.96 36 Mo
Pro Unlim 15 Gb Unlim $9.26 36 Mo

Its four shared hosting plans can’t be considered the cheapest, however. Yet, they are not entirely shared only: full name is Unlimited Web Hosting plans with SSD. Thus, these are updated shared hosting options we have here.

The payment plans are for 1, 2 and 3 years. The cheapest price options for 36 months are presented in the table above. On the website all the prices are in GBP, thus, a little inconvenience for international users.

The hosting offers a variation of services as well as domain registration and some SEO and marketing tools.


Instant Technical Live Support: Yes

WebHost.uk.net support chat

There is a variation of contact options and a prompt-reacting live chat tech support, which is a serious plus not all our listed providers can boast of.

You can also contact them by phone numbers and emails (can be found on their contact page). It offers a 24/7 Priority Customer HelpDesk support as well.

Last 6 Months Performance Values

MonthHRANK# in TOPUptime, %Response, msSites, +(-)Shared IPs, +(-)
May 20194.515291.078644+70
Apr 20194.316092.863767-310
Mar 20194.216598.613871+100
Feb 20194.216799.76877+50
Jan 2019416499.849922+80
Dec 20183.619399.6871256-110

Report for 2018

HRANK# in TOPUptime, %Response, msSites, +(-)Shared IPs, +(-)
  • HRank in 2018: 3.6 and, thus, #175 in our list.
  • Uptime chart reveals an unstable picture in 2018: the provider mostly stayed in the 99%-100% range, yet, there were cases of 98% and 97% as well. Those affected the rank in a negative way.
  • The response time of the domains on the Shared IPs was very slow – 1,200-1,300ms.
  • While the same number of Shared IPs stayed, Webhost.uk.net was gradually losing domains in the monitoring period.
Last updated March 20, 2019
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