How Cheap Is Cheap?

There is a certain understanding about the service price and quality correlation, as with any industry.

Despite the fact that the web hosting market lacks both a physical location and the other attributes of a traditional market, it does have many common features and dynamics.

The Price Evolution Overview

Over the past decade, the notion of what is cheap has definitely changed. You may recall that the average price for a shared hosting plan used to be $8.95 per month. It is now very different.

In accordance with, the shared hosting market has been continually growing, as the following chart suggests:

This clearly explains why the prices have lowered as more providers and offers that have emerged in the market.

Our Price Chart Analysis

In accordance with our own price chart, we can trace how prices are distributed with regards to web hosting the data that we’ve analyzed:

The prices included in our chart are the cheapest deals that are offered for the longest subscription period (these differ from one company to another.)

And you can see, regardless of the fact that $1-$2 web hostings are numerous, the price of avg. $4 is more common. There is plenty of more expensive offers as well, however, we can definitely say that most shared hostings are around $3 and $4 nowadays. Whether it is really cheap or not, it is possible to say only in regards to every given situation and personal request (features, length of a subscription plan, etc.)

How Cheap is Cheap?

Any shared hosting plan should now come with a package of features that meet the current market standard. About ten years ago, you got one set of features for this price but now the number of things included is naturally much larger. The quality of performance is also taken into more serious consideration because the industry is developing rapidly and it is now no longer acceptable to have regular downtime glitches and slow response times.

Thus, here is the list of the cheapest offers that we recommend, according to our HRANK rating, with regards to price:

All web hosting plans on this list have a rating of 9 to 10, which means they have proved to be almost faultless in their performance over the monitoring period.

However, if you have a lower budget, you can check this list of providers with a more modest HRANK ranking – from 8 to 10 (the prices here are lower, but keep in mind that you can get some issues with the web hosting performance):

These prices are for the longest period that the web hosting is offered (there are monthly, yearly or triennial options, so the information is pretty generalised, rather than specific). However, when you take into consideration the fact that most shared hosting providers offer similar packages (in terms of the number of domains, unlimited disk space and bandwidth, basic tech support and simplicity of installation), it is still possible to make an informed decision when searching for the right hosting provider.

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